List of Theses

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Title: Japanese subcontracting system in Thailand (2538)
Author: Maruhashi Hiroko - Faculty_of_Economics
Title: Policy distortion and competitiveness of Thai textile industries (2538)
Author: Archanun Kohpaiboon - Faculty_of_Economics
Title: Real business cycle (2538)
Author: Thitipong Jurapornsiridee - Faculty_of_Eocnomics
Title: The comparative analysis of sugar-cane harvesting costs (2538)
Author: Siripan Rattanapansak - Faculty_of_Economics
Title: The economic rent in taxi business (2538)
Author: Thammawit Seddha-udom - Faculty_of_Economics
Title: The relation between inflation and unemployment in Thailand (2538)
Author: Rush Chuerthonghua - Faculty_of_Economics
Title: Traduction de poemes francais du XIXe siecle et analyse de la demarche traductive (2538)
Author: Apichart Poemchawalit - Faculte des Arts Lieraux
Title: การกระจายกำไรพิเศษของการส่งออกมันสำปะหลังอัดเม็ดของไทย (2538)
Author: นงลักษณ์ เลิศวิมลชัยศิริ - คณะเศรษฐศาสตร์